Novena/Novena-RF Case Kit


Sold Out

An acrylic enclosure that is designed to accommodate the Novena mainboard plus Novena-RF module. Features include:

  • U.FL to panel mounted SMA connector cables for TX and RX
  • Cut-outs for access to FPGA JTAG and UART headers
  • Array of M3 mounting holes with "Peek" compatible spacing
  • High quality ebm-papst DC fan with additional decoupling
  • Mountings for a 2.5" HDD/SSD
  • FPGA heatsink
  • Labelled ports

The mounting hole array can be used both for Peek compatible parts and to secure useful RF components — such as the attenuator shown in the second photo — using cable ties. 

For a complete bill of materials and the assembly guide see the GitHub repository.

Novena mainboard, Novena-RF and HDD/SSD not included.

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